Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in having my story featured, how can I do that?
Please contact us at [email protected] and tell us a little about yourself and the song(s) that you would like to discuss on our blog/app. We will review your email and get back to you.
I made a mistake on a song post, how do I delete or edit my post?
Go to the song and click the settings button at the top right. You will see an option to edit or delete the post.
Why can't I play full-length songs from Spotify?
Sorry for this inconvenience. We are currently using a limited API that limits our access to 30 seconds. This is something we are working to improve. Hold tight.
SoulSence crashed, why did that happen?
Sorry that this happened. We know it can be frustrating. It's hard to say why. We are constantly working to improve the app, and we count on our users for feedback and insights for improvement. Please use the in-app feedback form or email us at [email protected] with a description of what happened before the app crashed and we will look into it.
Can I get a featured account?
Sorry we dont offer featured accounts at this time, but we will soon. Contact us at [email protected] and we can discuss with you.
I have feedback or good ideas for SoulSence, how do I share with you?
Feel free to either use the feedback form in the app or email us at [email protected] The feedback form is visible if you go to your profile and click the three dots.