The Story Behind SoulSence

Music is more than entertainment, it is a window in to our identity and life’s journey. The songs that we connect with the most, are often the one’s that tune in to our emotions and thoughts or remind us of people and experiences.

There are the songs that uplift us and brighten our moods. There are the ones that connect with the times that we are feeling down and lost. There are also the songs that represent our views and the ones that remind us of places we’ve been and things we’ve been through.

Collectively these songs form the soundtrack that captures who we are – what we stand for, how we feel and what we go through.

The mission of SoulSence is to enable music lovers to document their unique life soundtrack and then share their connection to each song, no matter how significant or trivial that connection is. By doing so, we aim to empower people to express themselves but also connect them through the human experiences and stories behind the music.